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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anyway today had a fun day. I had 2 tests today .Than played badminton in the hall though was stitched .My Jennifer the female spider committed suicide today while trying to perform her stuns. I was a little sad about it today but also my father help to catch another one for me.Yah man.Darn happy for heaven sake. Name her Jen. Simmilar to the first spider.

I am waiting to have my class Tee soon and hope to get the colour Black and white. Goodnesss gracious.Now parent are making my sing a stupid a tamil song for a singincompetition on 7 march.ARGH

I want to go sleep sia.

6:18 AM

Friday, February 19, 2010

I had a great time with my male spider. He died today, as he lose one his legs yesterday ,in my school carpet grass field. I still remember the last look he gave me before he died. I actually cried in the bottom of my heart.. Now I still have the female spider around hence trying my level best to take care of it whenever I could

Had a great time in school today, Mdm Tham class was the best as Ernie and she had a argument regarding MONEY. Had a boring band day except for the part where I played the piano.

Lols, now am trying to do Home economic project darn hard 5 pages lei.

Till then Buvanz The BB

2:31 AM

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just finished giving my blog a new look.
Darn tired,life is sophisticated.
Caught three fighting spiders yesterday,all were female.
Thnesh father game me a male.
Thank God

2:01 AM

Monday, February 15, 2010

Yesterday,while riding my bicycle i trip and fell when i brake and fell when i was about to hit the lamp post.i was saved by some malay people there.i relised that my knee skin came off and i could see inside my skin with all the white stuff.I was then brought to KK hospital. Then i needed 17 stitches in my knee.Now my knee looks disgusted.i ave MC tiil this friday. Can't wait to go to school.

4:53 AM

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I would like to take this time and opportunity to say my very sincere thanks to Ernie for helping me in the blog.
Thanks alot Erinie.

3:05 AM

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My school rock sia
My class rock sia 1D We are the best supportive class
Anyways I have made many friends they are Andrina. beatrice, sarah, farah, mohamed, david, mavis, augustin, ya fei, ling qian ,Shaheer and etc
We started lessons like on Monday.It is quite fun actually,My form teacher is called Miss Azlina.
She looks like my best teacher in primary school Miss Aidah.
Hope she would be as kiind ans the current.
I hope that i would mix with good friends and continue a great life that i am having.
I am enjoying my school there.

Friendship is the ship that would never sink.

12:05 AM

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lols yesterday I Arsheq,Thinesh,Amanda,Gabriel.Jolene and Jovan went for bicyc;e ridng.Actually i arsheq and thines came ther e with myy father first as my father drop us. Then we rented the bike first.After ridin the bike for a while jolene called me saying that she arrived so we met her at MAC. At the moment a group of indian girls came on my way. I said excuse me but those bitches chold not here me, so in the end i knock then down. Then she said why i was ridng that way after i ttold my apologies.Fuck You i said and off i went. Then met Jolene then she said she was waitng for Amanda.tzz

We went a another round of riding bike.Then came Amanda and her bro.They Rented the bike and off we went.After the whole 2 hour ,we went to return our bike.Then came the problem Jovan went missing.Then we had no choice but to rent the bike again to find him. After awhile we found him.The we went for the viking there.Iasked a stupid question that has anyone died in the viking befOre lols.I was darn scared.Then we saw some racing car then went back home.Poor Jolene she went back home at 1 plus. I had the best day ever.

10:17 PM

Hi i am Buvan,currrently 12 soon 13.Was a Zhangderen now a Questownian.Love music,gutar,singing,beatboxing.Hates backstabber,bitches,busterd and irritating people. I want a Laptop aims to be top 10 in class. Quest is the best school ever My best friends,Niklaus,Edwin,Shazwan,Mohhmed,Sarah.Ernie.Beatrice,Kinnard,Min Han,Farah,surendra,Farhan,kah wai,Martha,Louis My good friends,Hui Yi,Dana,Willis,Weng Ang,Aless,Wen Xuan,mei hui,priya,corneta Please note that if your name is not written here it does not mean that i do not consider you as a friend as i can't possibly write evryname and so if possible i will update the names. :D